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Surge Protectors For Your A/C Unit

Is Your HVAC System Ready For The Next Big Storm, Or Even A Routine Home Power Surge

What is a Power Surge & What causes them

A power surge is a temporary spike in the electrical current in your home. Power surges typically last only a fraction of a second, but that is plenty of time to wreak havoc on your electrical equipment. There are two basic types of home power surges: external and internal.

External Power Surges originate from outside your home. In The Woodlands area, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are a common occurrence and lightning can definitely cause these surges. You may experience power spikes from a number of other external causes as well.

These include such things as electrical grid distribution activity, damage to exterior power lines, power plant maintenance, electrically powered heavy machinery operating in your neighborhood and even from our little squirrel friends that we have an abundance of here.

Internal Power Surges happen when an electrical device suddenly turns off and stops drawing electricity. This results in a brief increase in voltage throughout the home because the current it was drawing suddenly has no place to go. Even a small appliance such as a hair dryer can set off a power surge. However, because of their size, the amount of power they draw and the fact that they shut on and off many times a day, AC units are one of the most common causes.

How A Surge Protector For Your A/C Unit Can Help

There is no reason to feel uneasy our unprotected form power surges that can cause severe voltage spikes and damage your compressor and fan motor.

 With a massive power surge, the damage might be immediate; in other situations, it might take several months before a damaged compressor goes on the fritz. 

Although you cannot prevent power surges, you can put protective measures in place to safeguard your AC system. We may be able to predict Hurricanes and Tropical Storms this summer, but we can't stop them, or our ever abundant Squirrels. In these situations, a surge protector offers security from a damaged AC. Round-the-clock surge protection means you can rest easy knowing that your AC system has a built-in safeguard for whenever a power disturbance strikes.

We are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to improve your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Surge Protectors

Keeping Your A/C Unit Safe 

Air Woodlands A/C & Heating is installing Surge Protectors to help keep your A/C working safely and correctly. 

Whether it's from the storms this hurricane season brings, or a less dramatic, but in the long run equally devastating blackout a simple surge protector can make all the difference. 

Call us if you have any question about how a surge protector for your A/C works


or to schedule your instal.

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