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Proper Attic Ventilation helps keep your attic temperatures down, and that can result in real energy cost savings!

Attic Ventilations allows fresh air to flow through the attic no matter the time of year.

At first glance, this can seem counter-intuitive, because you insulate your home to reduce temperature fluctuations, so why vent it and allow fresh air to flow through?

The reason is, Sealed Attics trap excess heat and moisture, which can not only affect the efficiency and life span of your HVAC system, but can also lead to reduced shingle life.

3 Types of Attic Vents

Air Woodlands A/C & Heating

Is Now Installing

Roof Power Attic Vents:​

Roof Powered Attic Vents are mounted to the roof of the home and are connected electronically to a power source and, in most cases, the home's thermostat. When connected to the thermostat, they can turn on and off automatically depending on the current household temperature and the specific settings.

Solar Power Vents:

Our Solar Powered Attic Fans operate completely off solar energy, pulling the outside air in through existing static and soffit vents. By pulling from this external air source, the attic fan will extract the hot, humid air up through the fan and create a constant exchange of air in your attic.

Gable Attic Vents:

Gable end vents is a roof ventilation system that is placed on either side of a gable roof that assists in cooling down your attic or roof. These vents allow for a cross breeze through your attic, blowing out the warm air and replacing it with cooler less humid air.

A Great Way to Save Money on your Air Conditioning Costs is to Lower the Temperature in your Attic to Reduce the Temperature Differential.

Proper Attic Ventilation will do this!

Air Woodlands A/C & Heating is always happy to discuss any question you have.

Call us anytime at (281)367-8135 to set up an appointment or just talk to us about your HVAC or Attic Ventilation questions or concerns.

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