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Insulation 101

Did you know insulation loses its effectiveness after 15 or 20 years years?

It’s in our walls and in our attics, they put it in when they built the house, most of us are under the assumption that it will hold up and last, and we never even think about it again a “one and done” situation.

The insulation in your attic prevents gradual damage to your home caused by heat and moisture, and we have plenty of both here in Texas!

You insulation also plays an important role in controlling the temperature and overall comfort level in your home during all seasons. Attic insulation is a critical part of keeping cool air in your home during the hot months and warm air in your home during the cooler months.

When you think of insulation in your home, the first thing that comes to most peoples minds are long strips of fiberglass insulation. These rolls of insulation have limitations and any gaps due to wiring, pipes and other obstructions will cause a dramatic reduction in the effectiveness of the insulation.

Air Woodlands A/C & Heating is now offering Blow-In Insulation

Blown insulation is accomplished by blowing out chunks of insulation from the hose of a blowing machine. Blown insulation is a much more consistent type of insulation. With this method the insulations is simply blown onto the attic floor, and no matter what type of wiring, pipes and other obstructions that may reside in your attic the blown insulation will naturally form itself tight around any of these, creating a layer of strong insulation.

This is a short half day project that can dramatically affect your home.

If your energy bills are higher than you feel they should be, if you are feeling drafts in your home, if you are concerned about gaps in or just the age or your insulation, give Air Woodlands A/C & Heating a call at (281)367-8135, we will be happy to come out and do an inspection of it for you.

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