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We are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week to improve your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

At Home Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Installation

Air Woodlands carries the most reliable brands in the industry our technicians are thoroughly trained and always up to date on the latest industry standards, technology and best practices. Air Woodlands offers same day installation so your home’s comfort won’t skip a beat.

Benefits of a New System

Replacing your old system with a newer more high-efficient one can save you energy and money in the years to come. Trust Air Woodlands to make sure your system is installed correctly to give you the most comfort without draining your wallet.

Air Conditioning  Repair

Air Woodlands offers peace of mind with 24/7 repair service. We know that AC system failures don’t always happen at a convenient time, so Air Woodlands never charges overtime fees. Our HVAC pros have extensive training to get your system back up and running.

Don't Wait on Repairs

Is your air conditioner system having trouble? Your energy bills may be rising, but your comfort is lowering. Don’t wait a minute longer to call Air Woodlands to have your AC repaired or the problems could get worse and end up costing you even more money. 

Air Conditioning  Maintenance

Regular Maintenance improves efficiency and reduces your energy bills by keeping the equipment running at its optimum, extends equipment life by 25% and saves you fewer costly repairs by diagnosing problems early.

Get Yourself Checked

Even if you do not suspect that your air conditioning unit has problems, you need to have it serviced and inspected at least once every year. As this will ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency.

Air Duct Inspections

The duct system in your home distributes the air you pay to heat or cool throughout the house. When working correctly, the duct system should distribute air evenly and your home should reach the desired temperature as quickly as possible. However, if your ducts have leaks or cracks, your furnace or air conditioning system will have to run harder to get the home to the desired temperature. Additionally, a leaky duct system can lead to some rooms being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Air Duct Sealing & Repairs

Once the problem areas in your ducts have been identified, Air Woodlands A/C & Heating can provide duct sealing. Duct Mastic is a sealant designed for use on ductwork and will eliminate air leakage through gaps or seams in the duct system. Once these leaks are sealed, your system will operate much more efficiently and will do a better job keeping all the rooms in your home the same temperature.

Surge Protectors For Your A/C​

Air Woodlands A/C & Heating is installing Surge Protectors to help keep your A/C working safely and correctly. Whether it's from the storms this hurricane season brings, or a less dramatic, but in the long run equally devastating blackout a simple surge protector can make all the difference. 

Evidence Of A Power Surge

Power surges are a common occurrence during hurricanes.  Did you lose power to any electronic products like a television, computer, or charging smartphone? A power surge can fry a capacitor, burn up fuses and wires, and cause compressor damage.

Even if your AC is not showing signs right away, it can get a severe break down later. If you think you have had a power surge, your system should be inspected. A check-up now could save you a lot of money in major repairs (or even replacement!) later.

Join  Our 

Energy Comfort Service Plan

Air Woodlands will perform two comfort tune-ups on all air conditioning, heating and indoor air quality equipment in you home each year.

5 Common Signs That You Need to Repair/Replace Your AC Unit

Lack of Cool Air & Limited Airflow

This is probably the most obvious sign that your AC is experiencing issues. If you turn on the unit and the air doesn’t come out cold within a few minutes, there’s a good chance that it’s not performing properly. One of the indicators could be a dirty or leaking coil, another collapsed duct  which restrict airflow and neither of these will resolve on their own. No matter what the cause, a lack of air flow is a surefire sign that you have a problem which must be dealt with.

Drain line issues

All AC units will produce condensation , but those which are functioning properly should be able to handle it without issue. When water is present or leakage is occurring around the AC, It is more than likely a drain issue. This could cause the unit to shut off or even overflow, if it overflows it could  pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Even if it’s just water that’s building up, allowing the problem to persist can creating an undesirable breeding ground for mold.

 Strange Sounds

Have you noticed that your AC is noisier than it used to be? The presence of strange sounds such as grinding, squeaking or chattering is never normal and should not be taken as a typical sign of aging or wearing parts. Most AC units are supposed to operate at a noise level that is barely detectable, so if your cooling system is drawing attention to itself, you know it’s time to have it evaluated. 

Foul Smells

In the same way that noticeable sounds typically indicate a problem with heating and cooling systems, so too do strange smells. Your AC should be putting out clean, neutral-smelling air, but this isn’t always the case when problems exist. A smokey or burning smell can indicate serious problems and requires immediate attention.

High Energy Bills

If your energy bills have been climbing lately , it could have something to do with a Air conditioning system. That it is over working to get the job done. Even if your home isn’t at desired temperature. Your system may be running for long periods of time which will run up your monthly energy bills to a noticeable extent. Upgrading to a new system will reduce your bills for years to come.

Think you might be in need of a Air Conditioning repair? Air Woodlands A/C & Heating  is here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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